Donnerstag, 29. Oktober 2009

Bear jobs

Bear has been waiting for more than two hours at the employment bureau. He is really huge - and furry - and the other people aiting keep their distance. When he was younger, he used to get upset about this kind of behaviour, and he would be mad at them and growl, but this didn't improve the situation at all. Nowadays he sits on his chair, still, reading one ofthe old papers lying about, ignoring the others.

But finally it is his turn, his number gets called up. Bear sighs and gets up from his chair. He tosses the paper back on the table. The ceiling is low, and he has to stoop down a little. But he takes great pride in being able to stand on his hind legs all the time, and he moves with a grace that you would not expect in anyone waiting around here, least of all of a bear.

The walls are painted in a shade of grey that probably was meant to be soothing, but it is more likely to depress people. The hallway seems smaller than it actually is, and the harsh lights coming from overhead make you look old and wrinkled, even if you are just a young guy looking for an apprenticeship after a short night.

Bear is not young. He is not certain of his age, and in the beginning it was a problem for the employees around here. The got used to the fact that he wouldn't produce any birth certificates, reports or anything. Whenever he got transferred to a new employee and the new guy pointed out that the papers were missing from his file, he would simply bare his teeth. This worked like a charm - way beter than explanations about how bears usually didn't go to school and had a hard time getting all the papers you needed today.

Bear knocks at the door, waits a polite moment, enters. The woman behind the desk has a grey face and grey hair, she fits into this environment. But she smiles at him - a sad little professional smile. "Well, Mister - uhm, Bear, I have to inform you that there's no vacancy for you at the moment."

"Really, nothing?" Bear is a tiny bit upset. He doesn't like living in the city, coming here on a regular basis, being stared at on the bus. He misses the good old times when he would stay in the forests as required, scaring some people, helping others, just as the fairy tale scripts told him to. Few people knew it, but fairy tales did not simply happen, they had to be conducted carefully and according to exactly laid out plans. Bear had been good - no, one of the best - but then people simply stopped believing in fairy tales, and there was no need for new ones. And there he was.

"Well, I know there is a Russian Circus in town - no offense, but maybe they could use someone with your... skills?"

Bear sighs. It is always the same. He takes the papers from her desk, looks at the adress. Well, it is not too far away from here. And he could do with a walk right now.

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