Donnerstag, 12. November 2009

Almost six o'clock

ALmost six o'clock. Must hurry. Put the laundry up, do the dishes. It has been a busy day.

Sometimes I miss going out into the world and subdueing other enterprises or helping economies grow or whatever the current en-vogue job is. Ever since we decided to have kids, it was clear I would stay home until they were old enough to cope on their own - at least some of the time. By now we have three lovely - and very lively - kids, youngest almost three years old. I have stayed at home for over eight years, and the thought of going back into the outer world where I might have to fight for a good position scares the shit out of me. But sometimes I wonder what it might be like. When I have enough time on my hands to daydream.

Today, though, was one of the busier days. I mean, I get up early every day, feed the family, make sure everyone leaves for school and work and kindergarten. Then I go grocery-shopping or clean the windows or mow the lawn - we have a beautiful lawn, it came with the house we bought two years ago, it is really lovely but also lots of work - or vacuum the carpets or - well, basically run around trying to fix everything. And just when I thought I had finished everything, I got an e-mail from hubby.


He is like that, always busy, always using caps. I heard it was considered shouting on the internet, but I don't mind. I mean, it's not as if I was living online, hu? In real life he is very sweet. If only he weren't such a spur-of-the-moment guy...

Okay, back to the store, getting something fancy that won't take forever to cook. This might be THE EVENING - we have been waiting for a promotion. On my way back home I call my parents and arrange "grandparents night" for the kids. They love it, my parents always let them stay up late and eat all kinds of sweets. And why not? I am not uebermom.

Besides dinner, I also have to "fix" my own looks. Despite the children and my age, I still look quite presentable. Most of the time. Okay, sometimes. When I have the time to get my hair done. Today I will have to improvise.

At seven, everything is ready and I look relaxed. The hardest part is making it all look so easy. Everyone knows it. I have only just sat down with a book when I hear hubby's keys turn, and the men come inside. I hurry to help them with their coats and be a good hostess. The boss looks around approvingly. Hubby, who is easily embarrassed in front of strangers, gives me a peck on the cheek. "Hi Darling! How was your day? You look lovelier than ever. Man, I wish I had that much time to enjoy myself all day long..."


Marisa Birns hat gesagt…

Ah, yes. Making everything look is the hardest part.

I don't think that if the tables were turned, the husband would be able to do it!

Nice story...

shannon hat gesagt…

Youch! I would have had a hard time not stepping hard on his toe or something. Cheers to the stay at home moms with the 24 hr job.

Magaly Guerrero hat gesagt…

I kind of felt like smacking the hubby, but then again, he is nice...

On other news: nice theme, life is indeed all about how one sees things.