Montag, 23. November 2009

Dark alleys

This is not a safe area, and she knows it. Her purse clutched tightly to her chest, she hurries along the broken pavement. It is getting dark. Very few women would be brave enough - or stupid enough - to walk around on their own here after dark.

She is used to the offers she receives from the men around here. They don't approach her because she is beautiful or something (she is too short, her hair is a nondescriptive brown and her eyes and mouth are too large for her small, pale face), but because she is a woman and, as they put it, "available". Which means without anyone to protect her.

She has been working in this area for more than two years, and she knows how to handle these situations. Sometimes one of her customers will see them and come to her rescue (no, she is not that kind of girl, you know, she works in a bar and is highly respected - has been ever since she broke that big guys jaw with a heavy beer mug. She had to pay for the mug, but the reputation she gained was really worth the money.

Of course her job requires feminine clothes. Short skirts make the men go thirsty, she knows it, and she uses it. She needs the tips, too. But she makes sure her outfit doesn't get too offensive to be out in the streets.

She feels her heart beating faster. There is something in the air tonight, and it chases goosebumps up her arms. She trembles slightly under her long black coat which hides her curvy legs from view. The wind plays with her hair, pulling long brown strands from the bun at the back of her head. She stumbles ofer a crack in the pavement. Damn high heels. Hopefully next winter boots will be killer fashion accessoires.

Steps behind her. She walks faster, pulling the black fabric closer to her body. It is almost half a mile to the next bus stop, and there are many dark alleys along the road... she glances back over her shoulder. Someone is walking behind her. Not too close, with a steady pace. Hard to say whether he is following her or not. Does she know him? Not sure about that...

Suddenly he starts walking faster, the coat tangles around her legs and she has to stop for a moment to catch her breath. Her heart beats faster, and she can feel her body tremble. She knows what will happen next, but she is not ready for it. She walks faster, almost jogs, stumbles again.

And he is upon her, drags her into one of the dark alleys, presses her against the cold brick wall. She can see his eyes glinting. His hand is strong and steady on her shoulder, his breath hot against her face. He's too strong for her, she knows.

And she rises against him, pressing her lips against his face, feeling the stubble on her cheeks. "Hi Darling. I thought you wouldn't do it."

She has always wanted to live out this special fantasy...


Deb hat gesagt…

Wow, Great tension here!

Magaly Guerrero hat gesagt…

Deb is right, the "tension" was palpable. You had me scared there for a second, this IS indeed a very "dark" fantasy!

slommler hat gesagt…

You had me on the edge of my chair. Didn't expect that ending either.