Mittwoch, 2. Dezember 2009

Bite me

It had been a very, very long day. Too hot for work, too much work to do to ignore it. Sally had been running errands all day, and now she was dying for a cup of tea. Literally speaking.

Tea, she had often heard her mother say, is the best beverage for hot days, and over the years she had come to appreciate the advice. Her mother had probably never even dreamed of her daughter living and working in a hot climate as this. But Sally had always been a restless girl, she had wanted to see so much of the world, and at the age of forty, she had seen a lot of it. Maybe now, she would stay here. At least for a while.

And every day at 4 p.m., no matter how busy she was or how much work was waiting for her, she would have a break of ten or maybe fifteen minutes and have a cup of tea. Not only the usual black or green tea, she would also try all kinds of herb teas and exotic mixtures.

The water took about an eternity to boil, and Sally spilled some of it on her left hand - her good hand, the one she used for most of her tasks, since the other one... Never mind. When the tea had the right color, she threw the tea bag away, took her cup in her left hand - ouch! Be careful, she reminded herself - and took the stairs back into the basement, where she had her tiny office. Honestly, it was more of a broom closet, but it was hers.

Just as she turned the corner at the food of the stairs, someone crashed into her. Sally spilled tea over a white shirt, felt an impressing body beneath her hands. Oh, fuck! It was possibly one of their clients, and she had ruined his suit. She apologized, using the national language, and started kneeling down to collect the shards of her favorite cup.

"Stupid woman!" the man snapped. Sally repeated her apologies, but obviously it wasn't enough. Already the guy at the main entrance threw them curious glances. In a moment or two, he would start coming over to them.

What the hell - ? That guy had kicked her!

Sally didn't think. Her ribs hurt. She turned and put her teeth to good use. Blood filled her mouth, and she could feel the tender flesh of his lower leg giving in.

It worked. He jumped back, almost tearing a chunk of flesh from his leg, and stared at her in horror. "She bit me!"

Yes, I did, Sally thought and grinned. It surely was no nice view. She felt something dripping down her chin. Blood or saliva? She didn't care, not really.

No one moved but her. She picked up the shards and took the stairs down to her office. She would be in trouble soon. Again. Sally smiled and started packing her belongings. If she hurried, she would be out of here before they started asking questions. It was never wise to be accused of hurting a national guy.

Okay, Sally reassured herself, nothing wrong with you. Time to move.


slommler hat gesagt…

Wonderful story! And definitely a great twist!
Thank you for an enjoyable read!

Magaly Guerrero hat gesagt…

Oops! she did it again. You know what's funny? Now, I start reading your stories trying to find the twist before I get to the end, but I can't. I LOVE it!