Mittwoch, 30. Dezember 2009


Time to do the dishes. The kids have gone to school, and the carpets have been cleaned, and the cats are outside catching birds or dragonflies or something. Considering that it is early December, it is a very friendly day. Outside on the icy pavement, the sunlight is dancing, and as long as the wind holds his breath, it is almost warm.

Gods, what I'd give to get in the car and drive somewhere else. Especially on days like this. Just start the engine, feel the wind - in my dreams I am driving a cabrio, of course - and not stop until I'm running out of gas. Who knows where I might wind up? I could go to Paris, or to Prague. Christmas in London, or New Year's Eve in Budapest. Sounds lovely to me. I wouldn't pack too much - whatever you need you can get on the road. Even the toothbrush. All I would have to take would be some cash. The mobile phone would stay at home, and no one would find me unless I call them.

Sounds lovely.

And if I ran out of cash? Who knows. I could get a job, something small, on a day-to-day basis. Maybe I could take up painting again and sell portraits of tourists. Or beg in the streets? No, I'd rather be a pickpocket. Can't be that hard, can it? Or take up the oldest of professions. I'm not too plain or old to do this. And who knows, I might even enjoy the experience. Night life in a big city, always in the gray area of society... I wonder what kind of people you meet there... and what the lights look like in a life like that...

But there are the kids again, and lunch hasn't been prepared! Where were I with my thoughts? Stupid, stupid, stupid. Randy needs new shoes, and Vanessa has a piano lesson later in the neighbour village...

Well, tomorrow is another day.

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slommler hat gesagt…

The responsibilities of life do tend to intrude into our dreams. I love your "what-if's"! 2010 looks to be an interesting new year! I am looking forward to it!
Happy New Year