Mittwoch, 23. Dezember 2009

Legs Inc.

Standing in front of the plain glass door, Sally feels insecure. The sign says "Legs Inc.". Lately, she has not had much sleep, and she is afraid her thoughts may be confused. Now, she has this appointment, but maybe she should go home and reconsider... No. She will do this. It is only fair.

A friend handed her the business card right after Paul had left her. "Here, this will help you fell better. He deserves it. And you deserve it." She confirmed having used this special service as well, "and I put it all on his credit card!"

Sally does not know how she feels about all this. Last weekend, she found Paul in bed with his secretary. How pathetic! She was angry, devastated, sad - the whole program. Then she packed her bags and moved in with her younger sister. And now she is here.

Sally is ushered to the office. It is furnished with only a few tasteful pieces - chrome and glass and a little bit of dark, gleaming wood. A surprisingly young woman with dark hair cropped close to her scalp sits behind a large desk and smiles at her politely. "Take a seat, please. Good morning, how may I help you?"

She hesitates. "Well... you see... I got your business card from a friend. She advised me to see you because of - uhm, special circumstances in my relationship..."

"I see." The lady behind the desk waited, politely, the smile not changing.

"Well... I was wondering... see, this business card. It says -"

"If he breaks your heart, we break his legs. I know. It's the slogan of Legs Inc., my mother invented it when she started this business after her divorce. So, what can I do for you? Blackmail, maim, kill?"

And Sally smiles.


Dedicated to Andrea.


Tony Noland hat gesagt…

Great twist!

Judy hat gesagt…


slommler hat gesagt…

Delightfully wicked for sure!! Great!!
Merry Christmas and hugs

mazzz_in_Leeds hat gesagt…

haha! naughty!

Deanna Schrayer hat gesagt…

Well-written story. I hope I never have to use Legs, Inc.'s services. :)