Sonntag, 27. Dezember 2009


When they left their flat, the world had disappeared. The houses, the streets, the trees - which had lost their leaves weeks ago, maybe they had known what would happen and given up - everything was gone. All that was left was white and cold.

the others didn't seem to notice it. They made their sounds, which Phillip didn't understand, and they sounded delighted where they should have been frightened or devastated.

He started to scream. In all his life he had not seen anything like this. He stopped dead at the door and did not want to take another step. If the world had disappeared, who knew what would happen to him if he stepped onto the white? But the big ones only laughed, and Mommy took him and put him down again on the white. He expected to fall, but nothing happened. Only his feet turned cold almost instantly. Tears rän down his cheeks, but he stopped screaming. Instead, he watched the white carefully and saw that his feet left tiny marks. Obviously the white was not nothing. But it was scary as hell.

The big ones kept on walking towards a shape in the white that might possibly be the remains of their takes-you-from-one-place-to-another thingie that always made these funny sounds and smelled like burning plastik at the rear end. Phillip took a careful step, then another. His right foot slipped, only for a moment, and he froze in place. This white stuff was dangerous! But the others didn't wait, so finally he overcame his fear and hurried towards them. The big ones stood around the takes-you-from-one-place-to-another thingie shape and were talking in their big one nonsense sounds.

"Don't you think he is a little too young? He is only two years old!"

"Oh, come on! Who knows when we will have snow again? I loved sleigh-riding when I was a kid! Besides, there's this great hill behind grandpa's house..."

The big ones closed the doors, cleaned the white from the thingie and opened the doors. A few minutes later they were on their way. The world was still white and had still disappeared. Phillip fell asleep.

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slommler hat gesagt…

Wonderful! As seen by his little eyes! I would love to be there when they propel him down that hill!! LOL!!
Happy New Year