Donnerstag, 14. Januar 2010


"Wow, another one of those and my family will be living in a tent!" George shook his head and stared back at his house with a mixture of astonishment and distrust. Astonishment at the fact that the house was still standing after this thorough shaking, and distrust at the building's stability. The region had always been home to minor earth quakes, but during the last years frequency and strength had increased considerably. He turned back around to face his neighbor, Dave. "Seems you ended up lucky. Not even a scratch on your home, am I right?"

Dave nodded and left it at that. He had come here as a young man, more than fifty years ago, filled to the brim with stories and dreams and plans. Of all these, only the house had remained. His wife had left him two years ago, after almost half a century of marriage (and hadn't they been happy, he thought, he only remembered the good times), the children led their own lives and did not bother to call and fake interest in his old man life. But he had always hoped this house would outlast him, maybe give a home to his grandchildren sometimes. He had consulted every specialist he could find to make it as stable and unbreakable as possible.

Unfortunately, he had fallen in love with a part of the world that was not very safe. The earthquakes had bothered him the most. But he remembered there were things that could be done to prevent a house from collapsing, ever. Things his grandmother had told him when he was a kid, things he had read about in ancient books as a teenager on his quest for knowledge. So far, it had worked. Just as the ancient Germanic tribes had buried iron things under their doorsteps to keep the lightning at bay, so he had taken special precautions. Let others call it superstition... it was good no one believed in these things anymore, and hardly anyone seemed to know them. Like this, they would never, and should the search last for a hundred years, come to suspect him in their search.

And since the house would never fall apart (thanks to this special kind of magic), they would never find the child, buried beneath his unbreakable home, keeping him safe with the power of its soul.

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Judy hat gesagt…

Wonder which came first...the need for unbreakable house...or the child buried with the power...