Sonntag, 14. Februar 2010

Mirror shards

Once upon a time there was a king who was in love with his queen, and a jealous sorceress laid a curse on them and the queen died during the birth of their child.

There was a prophecy that whoever the child laid eyes upon would die immediately. The counselors were conviced it had to die. The king, however, loving his only daughter, had her locked away in a high tower without windows instead. Every night he would come there and read her stories from behind a curtain, and special nurses were trained to care for the child in heavy disguise. Every two or three days she would dictate a list of things she needed or wanted to someone wating and writing behind the curtain, and every oh so exotic wish would be fulfilled.

The girl grew and became older, and she started asking questions. Her father was in so much pain over having to lock her away from the world that he found a way to teach her how to read, and he started collecting a huge library for his daughter. Sometimes he would buy whole libraries, if people died or had to sell their books to survive, and there was not always the time to check every book that would be brought up into the tower. The princess was instructed to stand in a corner and turn her back to the room until everyone was gone, and she had been told why this was the case, too. So, since she never saw anyone and had already begun to tire of people talking to her without her being able to see them, she immersed herself into all the world the books from her father brought to her. She read fairy tales, history books, books on mathematics or biology and even love stories, which she didn't understand at all.

One day, in a huge pile of books she got for her birthday, there were witch books. She read them, hungry for every kind of new knowledge, and a few days later asked for clay and mirrors to be brought to her. The servant was surprised, but as usual she got her wish.

The next few days, she was very busy. No one knew what she was working on, but since she seemed more balanced than usual, the few people who knew about her were happy.

Then, as the king came another night to visit his daughter, there was a simple puppet lying in his corner. "What is this?" he asked.

"I made it, and I don't want it here with me", replied the princess. "Please take it downstairs with you as you leave, and put it somewhere."

That night, they talked about the beauty of the world, and asthe king left, he was reminded of the puppet. So he took it downstairs with him and simply left it beneath the stairs.

The next day, the puppet had disappeared.

For, through years of loneliness and reading and learning and having to school her mind for herself, the princess had developed such a strong longing to see the world that with the help of the witch books she had made living clay people and inserted mirror shards where eyes were supposed to be. And she sent the puppet out into the world and watched its ways through her personal mirror, on which she had put another spell.

She wanted to see all the beauty of the world herself.

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Now that is a unique way to travel!!! Great story!!