Samstag, 20. Februar 2010

The perfect coffee

Take your time. Be thorough. Measure carefully. Too much will spoil the taste. To little, and you end up with dark water.

Talking of water - it has to be fresh. Never leave it standing around for an hour or a night. You want the fresh water taste beneath the real taste. Try spring water, just once, to know the difference. Stay with it, if you like. Don't change it because of others. This is yours.

Coffee tastes best with cardamom. If you like, add cinnamon. And the tiniest bit of salt. Use your imagination. Dare.

Don't leave it standing around too long. It' no use saving some for later. You can always make another.

Add lots of milk, a little sugar, take your favorite mug. The happy mug.

Take all the time you need. Relax.

(Recipe may be used for everything else in life. In this case, be careful with the spices.)


slommler hat gesagt…

Coffee is best freshly ground! Love your recipe and I must try some cardamom or cinnamon or both. Haven't done that. I do love my coffee though. Thanks

Christine Danek hat gesagt…

Thanks for visiting my blog. I see you are from Bonn. I was very close to moving to Munich this year. My hubby works for a German company. He will be there alot but I might be there in June. Your ice cream recipe sounds so good. Good luck on your writing!