Montag, 15. Februar 2010

The ugly duckling

One strange thing about Kitty was that she seemed to love rubber ducks. Brian had never noticed it before they moved in together, but now their bathroom ws filling with ducks in all sizes and colors. And to be honest, they scared the living hell out of him.

Every morning when Brian entered the bathroom for his shower and shave, they seemed to stare at him, grinning madly, evil sparks in their rubber eyes. Which, of course, was stupid, since rubber eyes on rubber ducks did not sparkle. That's what Brian told himself, trying to ignore the ducks in the mirror.

And their number grew constantly. He did not know where Kitty found them, but it seemed she brought at least one duck home every week. She never said a word about it.

Well, at least not until this morning. Brian was sitting at the breakfast table, still wearing pajamas, devouring his scrambled eggs with bacon. Kitty had only some yoghurt in front of her, as usual. She claimed she simply couldn't eat so early in the day, but Brian suspected she was feeling self-conscious and thinking that she was "fat". Which was perfect nonsense, but he had learned the hard way that you never argue with a woman when it comes to her weight. So he was glad that she did not go on about clothes, diets and proteins, but instead looked at him and asked, "Honey, why do you keep buying these ugly ducks?"

Brian stopped in mid-movement, fork with egg poised in the very middle between plate and mouth. Then he smiled. Kitty had a strange sense of humor. "We both know you're sneaking them into the house." He forced his smile to broaden. "It'S actually kind of ... cute."

Kitty stared at him in disbelief. "Why should I buy these ugly things? They're creepy!" She gave a laugh and threw a piece of cold toast at him. "You almost had me there, honey. Trying to scare me this early won't get you anything, you know." She stood up and began gathering their breakfast stuff. "Come on, we're running late. I'll do the dishes and you can take your shower, okay?"

Brian stared at his empty plate. Not good. Not good at all.

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slommler hat gesagt…

Oh no!! Not good at all!! And so scary!! Yikes!