Dienstag, 2. März 2010

[Announcement: Flash Fiction Challenge #3]

When you follow THIS LINK, you can see that I did not only dream it, but that one of my short stories actually made it into an anthology!


This is the 2nd story that was ever accepted anywhere, and the first to be shown in a real book. So I'm going to enjoy this for a little while, before I return to my everyday stuff, and, most of all, spread the word for a bit. I feel like we all should celebrate together, but I am not sure what to do exactly... maybe I will make some cake and put a picture of it on the blog. (^v^) Or get wasted. At the weekend, of course, we're all responsible adults.

Do you remember your first personal (writing or other) victories? How did you celebrate?

(I promise, tonight I'll give you another story, but I'm plain happy at the moment.)


slommler hat gesagt…

Congrats!! That is super!!! I had a glass or two or three of champagne!! You?

Judy hat gesagt…

Congratulations!!! It always feels so good when someone appreciates what we do...Smile... you are victorious...