Montag, 29. März 2010

Happily ever after

... and lived happily ever after.

Two weeks after the wedding, one beautiful Saturday morning, the princess fumed. It was early, the sun was only just coming up, and the guy whom she was married to - the prince formerly known as frog - had been out for a night with the guys. He had come home and seized all the blankets. She had woken up because she was shivering so violently her teeth were shattering, and the sound invaded her own dreams.

She tripped over a pile of cloth and almost fell. Her morning gown got trapped on the corner of the bed and ripped with the dry sound of exquisite rose-colored silk. She cursed under her breath, then began cleaning a safe path from the bed to the door. His clothes were spread all over the castle. Oh my goodness, how long had he been wearing these socks? They stank like dead fish! That's what you get for marrying a frog!

Yawning, she stumbled into the kitchen. Today, the pink pots and pans couldn't cheer her up, and the milk had gone sour. No cornflakes today. For a moment, she considered making pancakes - only for herself, of course - but she was hungry, and cooking simply took too long. Grumpy, she took a low-fat yogurt out of the fridge - pink, of course - and moved on to the living-room.

More clothes. Dirty guy clothes. And who had puked on the carpet? Certainly Frog-Face had fed her chihuahua with bananas again. Spike loved bananas, but they made him sick every time. And Mister Long Tongue thought this was soooo funny!

The princess grabbed a towel and began to clean the mess away. She wondered how long "ever after" was supposed to be.

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slommler hat gesagt…

Oh my!! It would seem an eternity!!!! Cute story!!