Dienstag, 16. März 2010

Reconciliation Dinner

Henry and Sally sat in their car, wrapped in summer darkness. The cooling engine made ticking sounds. Across the street, the trees were swaying gently in the velvet breeze.

Carefully, Henry turned around to face his wife. He still half expected to find her in her "more natural" form, as she insisted on calling it, which was looking like a fairy tale troll. (Sally insisted real trolls looked totally different, but till now he hadn't seen any of them. Knock on wood.)

It had been a tough month. Once Sally put her mind to something, she stuck to it. Including being mad at her spouse. No being nice, no looking good, no sex. Especially no sex. Well, even if he had wanted to bed her "more natural" form. Which he didn't. Henry didn't even remember what all the fuss had been about, but after more than four weeks under siege, he had readily admitted to having been wrong and asked her to forgive him.

Surprisingly, she had forgiven him. To celebrate, he had taken her to a new, expensive French restaurant. All dressed up - she looked gorgeous in her long anthracite dress, hair carefully piled on top of her head. All other women at the restaurant had been jealous, and the men hadn't been able to take their eyes off her. Henry was a lucky guy, and he knew it. The fact that Sally could alter her appearance at the blink of an eye, being a succubus and everything, didn't change that.

It had been such a nice evening. Candlelight, expensive silverware and porcelain, prime dishes served by model waiters. Soft classic music had played in the background, and the restaurant had offered the perfect balance between public experience and intimate date. Henry had done his best not to show how uncomfortable his wedding smoking made him feel. (There's no way men's fashion can be comfortable. Ever.)

Nevertheless, Sally seemed somewhat disappointed. And if she didn't tell him about it, he would get agitated and they would start fighting all over and...

Not an option. He decided to try this talking thing everyone seemed so obsessed with these days.

"Honey, is everything okay? You're so quiet."

Sally stared out the window, lost, her slender white hands folded neatly in her lap. "It was a wonderful evening. Thank you, darling." Her voice was barely audible above the rustling summer leaves.

"But - but you seem upset." He pulled the key from the ignition, just to have something to occupy his hands. This silent Sally made him nervous.

She turned to him, slowly, a weak smile on her ruby red lips. Her sapphire eyes were huge and glistening. "It's nothing, darling. I'm being stupid."

He put an arm around her. Her shoulders were cold to the touch. "Come on, tell me."

"Okay." She inhaled deeply. "It was a wonderful restaurant, really nice and everything. Only - I was a bit disappointed with the food."

Henry was puzzled. "Was anything wrong with the escargots?"

"I guess not. You know... you said that it was snails."

His frown deepened. "Yes, and you said that you liked snails."

"I really do, darling. But..."

"Yes?" He was starting to get impatient.

"The snails..." She gestured vaguely with her handy, trying to pin down the problem. "You never said they were dead!"


slommler hat gesagt…

Nice surprise ending! ROFL!! Now that is a problem!

Anonym hat gesagt…

LOL - that one made me laugh out loud - some very nice language - that beginning is quite lyrical.

it's @stinginthetail on Twitter - damn thing will only let me post as Anonymous - it's not accepting my comments

Christine Danek hat gesagt…

Great ending! I really enjoyed this.
Nice job!

ganymeder hat gesagt…

Cool story. I really, really liked it.

One small suggestion, I think you might have left a word out here?
>>Henry had done his best not to show how uncomfortable his wedding smoking made him feel.<<

Did you mean smoking jacket?

Again, great work. Thanks!

Magaly Guerrero hat gesagt…

First things first, I love the "wrapped in summer darkness" line, wow! I felt it and saw it.

Then, how hilarious and like SueAnn said "unexpected". I love how you made our sex vampire lady was so believable and natural. I mean, what could be more natural to a vamp, than to get mad because she was fed something that was not trying to run away? Yep, interestingly natural. Funny too.

Magaly Guerrero hat gesagt…

You know your Wicked stories and super interesting comments keep me interested and bring a brightness to my life that can only be accomplished by something dark, bloody and sexy. To celebrate that, I've nominated you for the You Are a Beautiful Blogger Because You Have Sunshine Award Combo! Check Pagan Culture for your prize.