Montag, 8. März 2010

Sleeping Serena

He met her at a bar and she said she had no place to stay and no job and no one wondering where she might end up, and so he took her home. At first, he was intrigued by her long, straight black hair, her curves and her cocoa skin. She looked at him with a strange expression in her eyes, sipped her drink and smiled.

Her name was Serena, and she stayed with him. It was easy to fall in love with her - the way she smiled, or frowned, the way she could lose herself in a movie, up to the point of mourning dying chaacters who, in reality, often had been paid fortunes to pretend losing their lives on screen. Sometimes he would try to talk her out of her obsession, but it was so sweet he simply let her live her movie life most of the time.

Serena never read. She spent her days cleaning his house, preparing wonderful meals and making sure everything was immaculate on his arrival. His friends would joke about how she simply had to sit waiting behind the curtain, waiting desperately for the moment he entered the driveway, to greet him in the old-fashioned way all men secretely desired.

They also joked about how good he must be in bed to deserve a woman like Serena.

Making love, it always seemed as if Serena wasn't there at all. She surely knew how to please a man and in many cases initiated their erotic encounters, but he could never completely rid himself of the impression that she would withdraw, hide... lock herself out of their happiness. When he tried talking to her, she looked at him, obviously not understanding what he was talking about, and after several tries he gave it up and just took her generous lovemaking as a special present.

And sometimes, later at night, when he was on the brink of sleep, his body heavy with warmth and affection, he would lie on his side and watch Serena. Her curvacious body with the spine protrudring from her cocoa back, almost about to burst from that delicate skin. Her long hair, coiling around her like black sea serpents, sleeping in the depths of the ocean. Her fragile body, curled up on itself, shaking slightly, careful not to touch the tiniest bit of her man.

He never quite knew how to talk to her.


slommler hat gesagt…

This is sweet and sad all at the same time. I like the mystery of Serena!! And typical man...let sleeping dogs lie!!

Judy hat gesagt…

Almost everyone keeps a side of themselves hidden...but Serena is a real mystery...