Freitag, 9. April 2010

Late night snack

The green numbers on the alarm clock told her it was 01:37. At night. In the early morning. Whatever. The thing was, she couldn't sleep. He was making strange noises again. Smacking - as if he was eating something

She was so very tired. Since they had moved in together, he had kept her awake every night by making various sounds. Right now, he probably dreamed of pizza or something. She stared out the open window. His warm breath caressed her bare back. The smacking continued.

Outside, the trees were moving gently. It looked like a beautiful summer night, full moon high in the sky, but it was only March, and bitter cold. She never slept with the window closed. Sometimes, they would wake up and find a squirrel in their bedroom, ranting.

What a strange smell...

She grabbed her blanket to cover more of her shoulders and stopped mid-motion. Something growled at her. What the hell?? She turned around, a gush of cold air slapping her back.

A small, misshapen shape was sitting on him. The stain on his T-shirt looked black in the moonlight. His chest looked wrong... caved in. The smell grew worse.

The thing looked at her with huge yellow eyes and bared sharp, tiny teeth. It looked almost like one of the gargoyles they had admired in Paris last fall, on their honeymoon trip. It's skin was covered with dark lumps, like a toad's.

Tentatively, she moved her arm. The thing jerked away from her. It seemed afraid.

"Tshk!" she hissed. The thing jumped off the bed and hurried out the bedroom door. The room was silent once more. He didn't move.

She turned around and snuggled under her blanket. Finally, she would be able to sleep.


Sulci Collective hat gesagt…

Ha! Lucky he wasn't a snorer as well or who knows what type of incubus/succubus would have been squatting on his chest!

marc nash

slommler hat gesagt…

OMG!! That was so cool!! And ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!!! But as you she could sleep! LOL!

Anonym hat gesagt…

What the hell...?

Deanna hat gesagt…

Oh, so I should just leave the window open and I'll finally be able to get some sleep! :)

Fun read Diandra.

mazzz in Leeds hat gesagt…

haha, excellent! I hope she got a good night's sleep!

Judy hat gesagt…

OOHHH NNNOOOO - what she will find when she awakes again!!!

Cathy Olliffe hat gesagt…

Weird and charming and really, really neat!
I think she should get some screens, though!

ganymeder hat gesagt…

So that's what the smacking sounds were. And she doesn't care! Uh... weird but wonderful and loved the ending. So creepy cool!