Freitag, 9. Juli 2010


Sometimes I dream that I am awake.

I am lying in my bed, unable to move, with my eyes staring at the ceiling. The smell of burning olibanum fills my lungs. It is difficult to breathe.

All I can see from the corners of my eyes are the small dresser next to the door and the window, with its drapes closed. Everything looks just as usual. The bottles, the stuffed toys, the dying plants. I have never had a green thumb.

My body feels as if it is made of lead. In my dream, I don't even try moving my limbs because I know I will fail. All I do is breathe and wait.

For what?

The afternoon sun caresses the drapes, and some rays wiggle their way past the cream-colored cloth. Dust particles bathe in the yellow light.

I would like to have some fresh air, and come to think of it, the smell is strange. Why would someone burn incense in my apartment? There is no sound, although I really strain to listen.

It feels as if I was the last person on earth - unable to move, trapped in my own body, with only dust and sunlight as company.

The smell makes me want to puke.


Sulci Collective hat gesagt…

Man I was really there so powerful were the descriptions. I could see that column of dust particles picked out in the light. Great stuff. This is the first flash I've read this week and sets the bar very high - well done

marc nash

slommler hat gesagt…

Yes! What are we waiting for? I am intensely curious now. Is she dead? Is she waiting for someone to come and sacrifice her? They have paralyzed her and are coming back to finish the job? So many cool!!
Well done!!

Eric J. Krause hat gesagt…

Great description throughout. It's easy to feel right there. And it's neat that this hints at something bigger going on. Good story!

Bukowski's Basement hat gesagt…

I love the claustrophobic feel of this... Pretty effective, indeed.