Dienstag, 20. Juli 2010


"Hi Mom... uh, yes, everything's going fine. How about you?... Yes, I know. I'll send him a card. Thanks for reminding me, though. ... Aha... aha... yes, I'll do it. Sure.

Now, the thing why I'm calling... no, I am not pregnant... What do you mean, 'that's a pity'?... Yes, I know I'm not getting any younger.

Now, why I was calling... the weirdest thing happened last week. Let me tell you. You know how I usually take a bottle of tap water to work with me? ... Yes, you've already told me these bottles are germ reactors... Thanks, I'll stick with it. However, imagine what came out of the faucet!... Water, why yes! Stop trying to be funny, I am trying to tell you something. Suddenly, there was this tiny thing in my bottle... like a tiny animal. Four legs, head, tail. Not larger than my thumb nail... Yes, I'm sure I looked stupid. You know my funny expressions... Mum, I KNOW the story about the frog in the lunch box. I was trying to tell you something! Would you stop interrupting me, please?... No, I am not being difficult. Are you going to listen now or what?...

Okay, I am sorry, too. Well, about this thing in the bottle - what was I supposed to do? I was in a hurry, so I just put the bottle on top of the counter and ran off to work. And suddenly I remembered that I had put the lid on the bottle! Now, I was half expecting to find that thingy suffocated by the time I'd come home. The other half of me was convinced I had been hallucinating... No, I am NOT doing drugs.

So, when I got home, that thing was swimming around in the water bottle and enjoying itself. I unscrewed the lid, put a sock over the opening and tight it in place with a rubber band... What it looked like? Kind of bronze-colored, I'd say, but SLIMY. No fur, I think it has scales. I haven't touched it... Yes, it's still here. I moved it to my old fish tank a few days ago. It's growing rather fast. I called it Sybil... How I know it's a girl? Mum, you're being silly. I just decided it. Anyway, Sybil is growing really fast. I called some guy over at the Veterinary Clinic and he promised they'd drop by tomorrow way early and get her. She's in the living room at the moment, but she hardly fits in the fish tank anymore... I'm feeding her chaps and sausages, she seems to like her proteins raw, haha... Well, I TRIED to feed her salad, but she wouldn't touch it. I guess if she likes it, it's good for her.

Now, I was wondering if you could give me a ride into town tomorrow? I'll never be on time if I have to take the subway... Thanks, that's great. Let's say, 8:30? - wait, I guess I heard something in the living room. Maybe the kids hauled their football through the window again. Those dirty bastards... Yes, I told the landlord about it. Just hang on a second, I'll go and check..."


Jen Brubacher hat gesagt…

Augh! Oh that is just... augh!

Nope... no tap water for me, thanks.

Judy hat gesagt…


Marisa Birns hat gesagt…

Well how rude of Sybil after everything that she's done for her!

Love dialogue format to your story.

Bukowski's Basement hat gesagt…

uh-oh... I feel bad for her... WATCH OUT

slommler hat gesagt…

Ha!!! I think Sybil is having a snack as well speak!!
Great story!