Mittwoch, 4. August 2010


"Why didn't you make me do the dishes last night?"

- "Because you said you were tired."

- "Damn. I'm friggin' lazy sometimes. You must not listen to me when I say something that sounds tempting... Hmm. Can't we do the dishes tomorrow?"

- "That's what you said last night. And right now you told me to ignore your temptress ways."

- "And what if I tempt you in other ways?"

- "No chance. Come on, let's do it. It's only twenty minutes of work."

- "But I don't want to. How about burning down the flat?"

- "Honey, we *like* living here."

- "Drat. I knew there was something important..."


slommler hat gesagt…

Love the banter!!

Bukowski's Basement hat gesagt…

Nice one... Great dialogue.

Judy hat gesagt…

Sounds like they've been together for a while...

Magaly Guerrero hat gesagt…

Love, understanding and dirty dishes! What else can a person ask for?

I agree with Bukowski "great dialogue". It tells me a whole lot about the characters in such a short exchange.