Freitag, 22. Oktober 2010


"No, Thaddius, get off that table. Now!"

Thaddius was not impressed. He sat on the breakfast table, lapping the remaining drops of milk from her cereal bowl. His orange tail curled around his legs like a content furry snake.

Sophia clapped, sharp - and the cat was gone. She smiled, despite her lack of sleep and the tedious tasks ahead of her. It worked every time. From the moment they had got him, Thaddius had been a scaredy cat. Every lout sound, every unexpected movement sent him under the sofa, fast like a lightning. He would sit there for hours, whiskers twitching, waiting until he was completely sure the area was safe once more. Sophia had never seen a cat that was this easily frightened. Hence the name Thaddius - she had thought it was hilarious.

There was barely enough time to put everything away, grab a yogurt and run for the subway. A quick glance outside - pale October sun, a few clouds, yellow and brown leaves everywhere. She had better take the long brown scarf today - the least thing she needed right now was yet another cold. Sophia grabbed the empty cereal bowl, put it in the sink and opened the fridge. She ignored the bread crumbs her father had left on the table. There'd be time for thorough cleaning when she returned home. Right now, all she had time for was grabbing some strawberry yogurt from the back of the fridge.

"Sophia, are you ready? You're running late!" her mother yelled from the bedroom.

"I know!" Sophia yelled back. she hit her head on the door frame of the fridge and cursed softly.

Thaddius, curious as any cat, approached the open fridge for new adventures. He looked inside, then suddenly hissed and dashed from the kitchen.

"Little coward!" Sophia called after him, then bent down once more for her yogurt. She'd never make it till lunch without a snack. That stupid cat, what dangers could there be in a fridge, for God's sake?

She froze with shock, and everything around her turned cold. It was looking at her, and not with friendly eyes.


slommler hat gesagt…

Well darn!! What is it??? Now I must know!!

Diandra hat gesagt…

@SueAnn: Sorry, I don't know - we'll have to ask the cat!

Anonym hat gesagt…

oh! you don't know? aaaarrggh! lol

Alexander Erben hat gesagt…


Bukowski's Basement hat gesagt…

CREEPY! Nice twist on this one...