Sonntag, 24. Oktober 2010


Sorry I haven't been writing much these last few weeks... but I am not dead! And no one's after me, either (as far as I know). I promise proper writing will resume as soon as things are a little more relaxed around here!

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Magaly Guerrero hat gesagt…

My love, I understand, I was up until 1:00AM last night (this morning?) and now I'm trying to revive myself with liquid inspiration, so that can put the final editing touch on a story and then start writing a synopsis that is due on the 28th.

You know, someone emailed me to say that the they commend my efforts (after my Pagan Culture Digest post) and they said that they would act the same way if they were getting paid for their writing. I replied "Getting paid? Ha!" But then I grinned a bit to myself (as I brush my teeth) and thought "Well, maybe not yet, but if I continue this way the writing will pay off, eventually".

Take your time love ;-)