Dienstag, 25. Januar 2011

The ugly duckling

Once upon a time there was a family of ducks, with half a dozen little ducklings. They were a happy bunch - except for the youngest one, who was mocked constantly because it looked nothing like the other ducklings. Father and Mother Duck made a point of saying and showing they loved all their kids just the same, but the ugly duckling's siblings never grew tired of mocking it, until one day it decided to run away.

The ugly duckling's parents looked for their youngest everywhere, but in the end they had to give up and decided to take better care of their remaining children to make up for losing one. The ducklings, on the other hand, talked among themselves and said, "We're so much better off without that strange bird!" And soon they had forgotten that there had even been a sixth duckling.

Seasons passed, and when spring came, the young ducks, who had finally grown into their feathers, went to the pond one lovely day to enjoy the fresh water and the weak rays of spring sunlight.

Suddenly a shadow passed over them. They heard a strange cry and felt a quickly growing urge to run for shelter. Alas, the oldest of them, who was the boss of the gang, did not escape in time, and died in the hawk's grip on that lovely spring day.

The hawk tore at the ducks liver, enjoying itself immensely. Who wanted to become a swan anyway?


slommler hat gesagt…

Now this is what I call a fairy tale!! Ha! Well done!

Magaly Guerrero hat gesagt…

Fable-ly, dark and bloody. Love it! That will teach those tasty jerks ;-)

Mary Vaughn hat gesagt…

That's certainly a duck of a different feather!
I liked it. :O)

G.K. Terence hat gesagt…

They had it coming, but I must say I didn't see it coming. I enjoyed the twist.

birgit hat gesagt…

yeah i love it
i read it yesterday
and still remember it all over the time
and had to smile
lg birgit