Freitag, 25. März 2011


Long after mankind has ceased to exist, the world will be left blinking and beeping and pinging.

Giant adds will scream their message at the night sky, where no trace of airplanes is to be seen.

Motel signs will remain on their watch posts, looking for prey to lure into cheap traps for the night.

The roads will be empty, no one to admire the larger-than-life screens.

In empty houses, screens will flicker and reveal the communications of spam bots, with programmed intelligence allowing them to pretend being 17-year-old horny chicks talking to well-endowed, muscular beach boys.

They will live forever.


Magaly Guerrero hat gesagt…

A desolate world "blinking and beeping and pinging..." aerie.

GigglesandGuns hat gesagt…

That is one creepy world!
Lots of ways to go with this idea.

Cogent Ascending hat gesagt…

Powerful and instantly visual.
Good stuff.

Judy hat gesagt…

...or until a storm takes out the power supply...