Dienstag, 1. März 2011


It is very likely that I was conceived in a back alley while my mother was stoned. Or that some guy mixed her a "special" drink and she was blitzed out of her mind in a dark corner of a club.

Her own version differs, of course. On every occasion, she declares that I was a "child of love", a "magical gift" and that my conception was "very special" - the last one not even a lie, according to my theory. And her "sisterhood of the moon" is all awed and filled with love when they hear it, ghosts of past Beltane celebrations floating through their minds. Let me tell you this, not all herbs are meant to be used as incense.

I lean at the bar, my back to the wall with its mirrors and bottles. Believe me, none of that exotic stuff has ever been consumed in here. Why bother, if all you need is some syrup, food colors and cheap vodka? I bet that's the ingredient list for all the fancy cocktails I can see standing on the tables, some radiating their own light - or so it seems - in dark corners. I wonder if these are "special" drinks as well.

The drink next to my elbow looks too sweet, with a pink umbrella and at least a dozen kinds of artificial-looking exotic fruit impaled on blue plastic. Not my choice, I'll stick with my beer, thank you very much. At least it comes unopened. Even today, some guys can't imagine buying a girl a drink will not lead her to jump his bones.

Stupids. Everyone knows a cocktail at this place costs only two bucks. It's way more expensive to get into my pants. Unless it comes for free.

When you spend enough time at a place like this, you learn to read the customers. The hipster, the shy guy, the stupid drunk. I am not interested. All I am looking for, on these nights, are the dangerous guys. The ones who are persuasive in their own, very special ways. They may think they are clever, but the little signs give them away. A quick movement when they slip her a gay pill, or the tiny brown glass bottle carefully concealed inside the arm of the jacket. The Jackson pentagram, disguised as jewelery or in the shape of a tattoo. Hardly visible, but I've got eyes like a cat.

There is one. His victim is cute, blond, petite. The kind of girl who always attracts the biggest jerks. she laughs at something he says, head thrown back, oblivious to the danger. Her eyes sparkle. He appears to be attentive, but already his eyes are scanning the room, looking for dessert. Our gazes lock. I know what I look like. Easy entertainment. No one would expect what's inside this tiny leather package. But there's ways to hide whatever needs to be kept invisible. My hand goes up to the necklace. No one will suspect anything.

(You wouldn't believe the stores I had to go to for this outfit.)

He excuses himself, comes over to the bar - to get them a new round of drinks. Or something more? I lean in to him, whisper something. The blond's eyes lose their spark, turn to something cold and shining.

Sometimes I am tempted to walk away. Let them make their own mistakes. I could curl up on the sofa, watch an old movie. Instead I lick the stranger's ears. We leave the bar.


Diandra hat gesagt…

This, dear readers, is the protagonist of my next manuscript, interrupting my work flow at the office, talking inside my head. I hate it when she does that. ^^

(She's impatient, it seems.)

Ray Gratzner hat gesagt…

Well that is interesting. I don't know, which direction the story will head for. This woman seems to reflect a lot. Is she hunting these mischieveous guy...?

cu Rainer

Mary Vaughn hat gesagt…

I am so curious, what is on her agenda. Can't wait to know more.

Diandra hat gesagt…

@Mary: For this one, there *will* be more, but it may have to wait until the current novel is edited, the next is written *and* sold *and* translated (maybe I can do that last bit myself, if ever necessary).

~Tim hat gesagt…

She sounds pretty dangerous in her own right. I'll bet it's going to be fun when you wrote her story.

Magaly Guerrero hat gesagt…

What I love most is the fact that I have no idea what she is going to do next, but damn, do I ever love her approach!

I like her voice and I enjoyed seeing a bit of the world thorough her eyes. Hm, I wonder what her Beltane's are like...

Judy hat gesagt…

Good for her...Like her style...get rid of all those bad guys...