Donnerstag, 26. Mai 2011


The house is awfully quiet now that he's gone. She hasn't gotten used to all that space yet. The yellow light from the kitchen overhead light makes her sick.

2 1 bag of potatoes
1lb carrots
12 4 eggs

She doubts that he will come back, and without his need for boiled breakfast eggs she won't need as many eggs. Let that new floosie cook his eggs for him from now on! She hopes they'll die in an egg yolk explosion. Stranger things have happened.

The phone rings, "Hey darl- ... I mean, Stella."

"What do you want?" She pretends to be indifferent, adds more items to her grocery list.

2 1 bag of potatoes
1lb carrots
12 4 eggs
Chocolate bars
Ice cream
1 bag of apples (green!)

He hates green apples. Now she can have as many of them at home as she wants.

His voice at the other end of the line, an audibly strained smile. "I've still got to pick some stuff up. Think I'll drop by tomorrow after work. You okay with that?"

"Yeah, why not? See you then." And she hangs up on him without saying good-bye.

Some things are still missing from that list. She sits there, deep in thought, then continues to scribble. Her hand-writing is still that of a twelve-year-old girl. She always got gold stars for her writing.

2 1 bag of potatoes
1lb carrots
12 4 eggs
Chocolate bars
Ice cream
1 bag of apples (green!)
duct tape


Judy hat gesagt…


GigglesandGuns hat gesagt…

*insert evil laugh here*
Good for her!

slommler hat gesagt…

Mwahahahahaha!!! Good one!!

Janet Aldrich (TEC4) hat gesagt…

Oops. He's going to pick up more than he wants, I'm afraid.

Diandra hat gesagt…

Thanks for your comments! Still dreaming about, one day, telling a story with just a grocery list, but this was a start... ^^

Clive Martyn hat gesagt…

Clever idea the grocery list. Well written and nice twist :)

laradunning hat gesagt…

Good cliffhanger ending. The use of the list added that extra hook to the story.

J.W. Bettencourt hat gesagt…

Deliciously dark as usual.

Shame she'll have to go to a different store for the axe, probably.

estrella05azul hat gesagt…

Believe it or not that resembles my groceries list a lot (from when I still had roommates) :)
Love this flash, a fresh idea to use the groceries list to do half the talking.