Freitag, 30. September 2011


"So, how are we feeling today?"

She sighs. Always the same question to start the session. Always. And not a very good question, either. "I don't know how you are feeling, but I am fine. A little tired perhaps."

The professor smiles, but it is not honest. She knows how to read people. "The nurses report that you have made good progress. No more hallucinations? No more - visits from fairies?"

She shakes her head, then looks at her hands folded peacefully in her lap. The fabric of her skirt is worn, but she takes great pride in being neat and clean at all times. Even here. She smoothes a tiny crease in the brown cotton and raises her gaze to meet his once more. "Everything has been as ordinary as can be."

He writes something on his chart, asks a few more stupid questions. Then he stands up, signalling that their session is over. He shakes her hand. "In that case, I really do not see any reason why we should keep you here any longer."

She smiles, takes his hand, careful not to let anything show. The last rays of summer sunlight pass the trees outside the window, cross the room and paint dancing shadows on the wall. They stole a whole season from her, just because her son-in-law claimed she was crazy. Told everybody she was hallucinating and running through the wood at night, naked. She will have to have a word with her daughter. Can't let her grandchildren grow up around someone as narrow-minded as that.

The bat-like shape sitting on the branch closest to the window winks. She makes an effort not to look directly at it, so as not to let anyone see that she is SEEING. "Then, if it is okay with you, I will gather my things. When can I leave?"

"The nurses will call a cab for you, I'll hand them your discharge report. Do you want to call anyone? Family, friends?"

"No, it will be a nice surprise." Especially for that dork her daughter married. The next dark moon, he will be hers.

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