Freitag, 6. Juli 2012


When the earth opened up and swallowed the dragons, the people were desolate. Where were they supposed to go for wisdom? How were they supposed to prove their courage? Priests asked their gods, but much as the dragons, they seemed to have disappear, or at least they had no answers.

The caves remained empty and silent, and after a while the people forgot that there had even been dragons. Human memory is fragile and tends to fade. There were still stories of dragons, but they were considered to be for children, and sometimes a wise man would sit down and write an article or even a book with many grand words on how the dragons were not really dragons, but instead symbols of fire and wisdom and the wild.

No one knew that the dragons were fighting for their lives below the surface.


Magaly Guerrero hat gesagt…

I can hardly wait to see them out of the shadows. Our minds do need some rekindling ;-)

Miranda Hardy hat gesagt…

I love dragon tales. Very interesting.

Matthew MacNish hat gesagt…

Hi Diandra. I'm here from Creepy Query Girl's bloffee, to become a new follower. Nice to meet you!