Samstag, 18. August 2012

On moral

"But... don't you think there needs to be a moral to each story?" The man looked at her with surprise on his face.


His surprise turned to shock. "Because... because... I mean, stories are a great way to improve the world! To show your readers how to behave correctly, and how to improve themselves!"

"And who am I to show my readers how to behave?" she replied, head tilted.

"Don't you want to make the world a better place?" he pleaded. "Imagine all the good you could do!"

She thought about his words for a moment. "The only thing that is wrong with the world is that it can be pretty boring without stories. That, and that there are always people trying to tell you what to do."


Diandra hat gesagt…

I am not dead!

I know, you've heard that one before. But it is true! I am incredibly busy with my WIP, which hopefully by the end of the month (why on earth was I just about to write, "by the end of the world"??) will be all sparkly. Plus I am waiting for replies on other pieces that took up my time before that. And there is work.

Clearly I need someone to pay me for writing. Anyway, I greatly appreciate you still hanging around, and I hope to keep the stories coming!

Magaly Guerrero hat gesagt…

I think she's absolutely right.

And I don't know if I believe you. How do I know that you aren't writing from the underworld?

Shallee hat gesagt…

I love this. I don't want a book to tell me how to behave. I want a story that explores the different ways people behave in different situations, so I can be both entertained and enlightened.